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Join us on our amazing journey to build the most awe-inspiring, practical and customizable hand-built lightweight track and street bikes in the market. Let Line 3 Bikes show you where creativity and innovation intersect… Let’s get started on making your dream bike a reality… Ride With Us!

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Line 3 Bikes CEO Kenneth Walker Featured on “Look, Don’t Touch”

Kenneth “Ken-du” Walker shows us why creating custom bikes is a fine art, and the magic to the reason behind it. Kenneth has been building bikes since childhood. He’s worked with the likes of boxer Floyd Mayweather and one of Kayne West’s many producers, 88 Keys. In this episode he shows us the process of putting together a custom bicycle. His goal is to teach how to build custom two-wheelers and open up franchises.

Making Parts Into Art

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Line 3 Bikes Apparel offers unique branded merch from functional bags to our fashion forward bomber jackets, hoodies and t-shirts. From apparel to accessories, our products include only the highest quality fabrics with ultra comfort and durability.

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